Realtor Bundle
Realtor Bundle
Realtor Bundle
Realtor Bundle
Realtor Bundle
Realtor Bundle

Realtor Bundle Subscription

Regular price$282.00 (per month)

Number of cameras
Projects per year
  • 12 Month Commitment
  • 28 Day Cooling off Period
  • Delivered in 3-5 working days

Camera Subscription and Processing Subscription
Add-On Subscriptions: Branding, Blue Skies, Guided Viewing and Video

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The all-in-one property camera

designed for realtors.

Capture with clarity

& LiDAR precision

Press 'Scan' and create:

Virtual Tours

Create personalised Virtual Tours that match your brand, and boost your visibility and click-through rate on Zillow, Rightmove and other major listings portals.


Create stunning HDR photography, enhanced with advanced AI colour correction and editing, ready to be uploaded to your property portals and website.

Floor Plans

Map properties with LiDAR precision. Simply scan each room and our machine learning technology will automatically generate floor plans with 98%+ accuracy.

+ Addons Included:

+ Remote

Guided Viewings

Invite clients to view properties with you virtually with Guided Viewings.

+ Automated

Video walk-throughs

When scanning you will also automatically create a video walkthrough - perfect for posting on social media or your website.

Edited and enhanced by AI

Our machine learning technology (46 models) edits and enhances all of your assets for you, so you don't have to edit a thing! This includes removing the glare on windows and blurring personal photos.

+ Apply blue skies to photos

Personalised by you

Customise your assets yourself, directly via your online dashboard.